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Fourth of July Celebrations Turn Deadly

The Fourth of July is cause for every American to celebrate, especially here in the great state of Texas. Unfortunately, that celebration turns to devastation for many, statistics show. According to the National Safety Council, this year's Independence Day revelry ultimately will be blamed for 385 deaths and 41,200 injuries. Unfortunately, personal injury attorneys know all too well that these estimates are spot on.

Most July 4th injuries are caused by automobile crashes, swimming incidents and fireworks accidents. In fact, Independence Day historically is the deadliest single day on American roadways. Statistics from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety show that between 2008 and 2012, an average 127 Americans were killed in July 4 car crashes each year. July 3 and 5 also are dangerous days, as many people take one or both of those days off work or school to make for a longer holiday break. And a multi-day break often means a higher incidence of drunken driving – a factor in a full 41 percent of deaths on July 4.

Fireworks accidents also prove dangerous. Last year, they contributed to eight deaths and 11,400 injuries. According to the American Pyrotechnics Association, National Council on Firework Safety and Consumer Product Safety Commission, illegal fireworks are particularly troublesome, causing some 40 percent of fireworks-related injuries. Most affect the hands and fingers, but many also damage the eyes, even causing blindness.

While not generally associated with July 4 injuries, swimming incidents, bicycle crashes and sports injuries are increasing in number. In fact, emergency room visits for these types of accidents topped those for fireworks injuries during the first seven days of July 2013. Alcohol often is a factor in these incidents as well, safety officials say.

If you or someone you love suffered an injury caused by someone else's negligence or deliberate action this past holiday weekend, get medical attention immediately, even if your injury seems minor. Then, contact an experienced personal injury attorney. Houston's Grossman Law Firm can be reached at 281-446-1124 locally or at 800-759-1124 outside the East Texas area.