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If Your Car Suddenly Went Out of Control Call a Personal Injury Lawyer

As a personal injury lawyer, many of the clients that we represent are the victim of a car accident. Both major and minor car wrecks happen on a daily basis, and when they do, people tend to suffer from back pain along with broken bones, sprains, and other physical injuries. This is in addition to damage done to property. Typically, in a car wreck there is a clear victim. The nature of the accident, such as being rear-ended, demonstrates who is at fault. But what if the physical evidence is wrong?

Since approximately 2008, Toyota drivers have been the victim of accidents that they may have caused but weren't their fault. Drivers of both Toyota and their luxury line, Lexus, got into accidents due to unintended acceleration. According to the FBI, Toyota knowingly manufactured and sold vehicles that had acceleration problems. In these cases, a driver would be behaving normally when suddenly the car would accelerate and not stop or slow down. In 2009 one incident led to the unintentional acceleration of an off-duty police officers' Lexus. It caused the car to speed up to 100 miles per hour and, as a result, the driver and his family were killed.

There were several reported incidents of people dying or being injured due to this product defect. In one case, a man, Mr. Lee, was even sentenced to prison and serviced time for vehicular manslaughter when it was later proven that it was Toyota's fault that the accident happened – not his. As a personal injury lawyer, while typically we see that a driver is to blame for the accident, there are occasions like this where the accident must be investigated further.

An accident is not always the fault of one of the drivers, as is demonstrated by the Toyota case. When an auto manufacturer produces a car with defects, it can lead to unintentional accidents. The same is true for tire manufacturers, and there have been lawsuits to this end as well. It may not always be possible to tell if there is a defect but if you were in a car wreck and felt that something happened beyond your control, there may be a physical reason for what happened. Instead of agreeing that the accident was your fault, we encourage you to schedule a consultation and discuss what happened. If an auto or tire manufacturer is to blame, you may have a case against them.

As a personal injury lawyer, we want to be sure to pursue everyone or every company that may be to blame for your injuries. Whether you were in a car wreck or fell while shopping, it is important to name every possible party to your lawsuit so that full restitution can be obtained. If you file a lawsuit without including each party, you may lose your ability to do so at a later date. In the case of Toyota, they have been required to pay a $1.2 billion fine, demonstrating how serious it is for companies to manufacture products that keep people safe and don't intentionally put them in harms way.