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Call a Wrongful Death Attorney if Your Loved One Was a Victim of a Fluke Accident

As a wrongful death attorney, we help families to recover financial damages after their loved one has been killed in an accident. Unfortunately, too many people lose family members before their time due to things that could have been prevented. Whether an accident at work or a hit and run, when an accident turns fatal we are here to help.

Most people think that it will never happen to them – that they will never witness or experience a life altering accident. The reality is that fatal accidents take place on a daily basis, leaving families devastated and missing their loved one. This is a difficult season and if you know someone that is going through it, please give us a call so that we can help.

Here are some of the fluke accidents that we have read about as a wrongful death attorney. Seeing how accidents can happen to anyone at any time, puts into perspective how important it is to have your affairs in order.

Electrocuted Worker

There have been many stories of workers that have been electrocuted on the job. Some, unfortunately, result in death. In a recent incident, a worker was electrocuted after hitting some power lines. He was killed as a result. The company they worked with had existing safety violations, and the spouse filed a wrongful death claim to pursue damages.

Softball Players Killed

In September, four female softball players were killed in Oklahoma when an 18-wheeler crashed into their bus. These Texas college students were on their way home after playing a game against Southern Nazarene University. Even though the bus driver did everything right, these girls lost their lives.

California Cafeteria Worker

This employee was sitting in their car when two people driving a stolen vehicle crashed into it. They were being chased by the police, and the worker was killed as a result. There was nothing the worker could have done to escape the accident, and it was truly tragic.

As a wrongful death attorney, we never want our clients to experience the pain that comes from losing a loved one ahead of their time. This can be devastating, making it impossible to deal with the issues of daily life, let alone consider a lawsuit. The problem is that if they were killed in an accident that was preventable, there is no way to prevent it from happening to someone else without a lawsuit. For example, in the case of the worker that was electrocuted, the company already had safety violations. Clearly, they continued to have unsafe practices. If they were sued, perhaps other workers would be saved.

We make it as easy as possible to get the compensation your family deserves after losing a loved one. We can't guarantee results, but we can guarantee that we will work hard for you and your family, seeking the compensation you so desperately need in order to move forward with your life.