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Accident Scene Evidence.. the Proof is in the Picture

The bad news is.. no one prepares for an accident before they leave home. The good news is.. nowadays most of us carry a cell phone with a built-in camera with us everywhere we go. It has always been said that "a picture is worth a thousand words" and nothing could be more true when presenting a personal injury accident claim. Even the most eloquent lawyer could never tell the story of a child's injury like the picture above.

Decades ago your auto insurance carrier would recommend that you keep pen and paper in the glove box of your vehicle. In case of an accident, those involved would share basic information before leaving the scene. With the high definition images available on today's smart phone, nowadays a couple of quick shots of the accident scene can help your attorney document a lawsuit that will pack a punch. Big insurance companies are highly motivated to settle a case outside the courtroom when conclusive evidence is available in "living color".

Unfortunately, evidence can quickly fade at the scene of any accident and most injured parties look perfectly healthy once they are walking into court. In addition to providing the details your attorney needs to recreate the scene, photographs capture exactly what the cuts and bruises as well as the pain and suffering looked like. As your case evolves, the visual testimony provided by your images of the accident scene will serve as ideal testimony in explaining the inaccuracies between the plaintiff's and at-fault's account of the incident.

After helping hundreds of injured victims ranging from complex litigation to simple settlement of an accident claim, Houston attorney Robert Grossman has the experience needed to thoroughly investigate, accurately document and expertly present your case in a settlement hearing, elected or court-ordered mediation, or before a jury during a courtroom trial. Plus, Grossman Law Firm offers a free consultation to discuss the details of your case to help determine the best options available for pursuing a successful recovery for medical bills, lost wages and other damages.