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Blog Posts in March, 2015

  • A Personal Injury Attorney Can Help if You're in a Multi-Car Collision

    If you are in a car wreck, you need a personal injury attorney to protect your rights and ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve. This is never more true than when you are involved in a multi-car collision. These cases can be difficult to prove who was to blame for the accident. While this may not sound like a big deal – it is. The concept of blame or negligence is critical to a ...
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  • Winter Driving Safety Tips from a Car Accident Lawyer

    As a car accident lawyer , we help clients that have been injured and are seeking compensation to pay for their medical bills, property damage, lost wages, etc. After reviewing many cases, one thing is clear – plenty of car wrecks can be prevented and avoided. While you can't control what the other driver does, there are certain steps that you can take to keep yourself out of harm's way. Since ...
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  • The Link Between Your Accident Attorney and Your Doctor

    As an accident attorney , we work very closely with our clients to build a case for why they should receive financial compensation for their injuries. If you have been hurt in a car wreck, you need a lawyer that can bring all of the pieces together and the evidence necessary to demonstrate that you were hurt due to the negligence of someone else. This way you can pursue damages. In addition to ...
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