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The Link Between Your Accident Attorney and Your Doctor

As an accident attorney, we work very closely with our clients to build a case for why they should receive financial compensation for their injuries. If you have been hurt in a car wreck, you need a lawyer that can bring all of the pieces together and the evidence necessary to demonstrate that you were hurt due to the negligence of someone else. This way you can pursue damages.

In addition to proving what happened at the accident and demonstrating the other party's negligence, we must also determine what the financial damages should look like. You can't go into court or negotiations, saying that you want money but not understanding how much you want. These requests need to be based on factual information that you can prove. For example, you may want one million dollars but if that is based on a feeling, you probably won't get it.

As an accident attorney, when determining what damages to ask for, we often turn to your doctor. They are a good resource for understanding what the true extent of your injuries are and how they are impacting you now and are likely to impact you in the future. This is the foundation for determining damages. For example, if your injuries are making it difficult for you to care for your children, you may need to hire outside help. Knowing that you can't pick up your kids and need that help allows us to calculate what your expenses will be well into the future. Simultaneously, if you are restricted in your work activities and it impacts your earning potential, we will need to calculate how much in income you may lose as a result of your injuries.

We can also take into consideration things like how often the doctor feels that you will need medical care. This is determined by understanding if they anticipate a full recovery or ongoing appointments and physical therapy for years to come. The time, that you spend at these appointments, may also take away from your income which needs to be factored in. This will also tell us how much more you are likely to spend on medical care over your lifetime so that we can request the right amount of money to cover those bills.

All of these figures start with a conversation with your doctor and understanding what they feel you are likely to deal with both now and for the rest of your life. These cases are not simple because they must factor in what is happening right now and what will happen in the future. The testimony of your doctor plays a key and vital role in understanding these issues. As such, we work very closely with your medical providers. This also makes it necessary to work with a doctor that is experienced in injury cases and understands the importance of making a full and comprehensive diagnosis. As an accident attorney, we can refer you to a doctor if you don't have one or feel that your health issues are being ignored. Switching doctors is far better than staying with one that is not doing a good job of treating all of your injuries.

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