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Did a Dangerous Road Condition Cause Your Auto Accident?

Almost any driver who spends a lot of time on the road today understands that dangers lie around every corner. But not all of the potential hazards involve careless or negligent drivers. Instead, hundreds of accidents are caused by issues such as malfunctioning traffic lights, missing signage, faulty highway maintenance or poor intersection design. If you are involved in a road-related crash, certain steps must be taken to preserve your legal rights especially if dangerous conditions contributed to the cause.

NHTSA statistics recorded a total of 39,844 vehicular crashes from mid-2005 to the end of 2007 that were caused by a highway issues. Listed below are the most common highway hazards:

  • 6,107 accidents due to obstructed views
  • 1,452 accidents due to failed or missing signage
  • 745 accidents due to faulty road design
  • 26,350 accidents due to icing or debris
  • 5,190 accidents due to other road-related conditions

Holding a public or government entity liable for injuries or property losses can be a complex matter. In an accident injury lawsuit, fault may lie with the state or local governments, agencies of those governments or municipalities. But suing one of these entities is much different than suing an individual, including timely notice of filing your lawsuit within the established deadlines

If you have been hurt or suffered a loss in an automobile accident that you believe was caused by a preventable roadway hazard, contact an experienced personal injury attorney immediately. Knowing which entity to name and how to prepare a successful case is much different than suing an individual. Plus, proving a public or government agency is responsible for your personal injuries or property losses is always a more complex and complicated process. Call Grossman Law Firm for assistance with your auto accident claim in The Woodlands, Humble or greater Houston area.